Standard Product Dimensions and Packaging

Product Code Pipe Size
P30-38-200-6 30mm OD
P38-38-225-6 38mm OD
P60-38-300-6 60mm OD
P12-38-100-6 12mm OD
P30-38-200-6 30mm OD
P38-38-300-6 38mm OD
P60-38-300-6 60mm OD
P80-38-425-6 80mm OD
P100-38-525-6 100mm OD
P125-38-600-6 120mm OD
P150-38-650-6 150mm OD
P200-38-1050-6 200mm OD
** Other sizes available.
Please inquire with your special requirements.


  • High tensile strength and flexibility
  • Superior thermal and acoustical properties
  • Chemically stable
  • Thermal properties unaffected after exposure to water immersion or high humidity
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Technical Properties

Parameter Value Standard
96 kg/cu.meter ASTM
1100°C ASTM Standards
1% at 1100°C EN 1604
Thickness 38mm ASTM
IMO A.799
Facing Reinforced
IMO A.653
Product Description

In order to bring fire safety at sea to the next level, McAllister Mills has developed Alvex-PF Passive Fire Protection Systems which are designed to protect Fire Spray System Piping and Tubing per the latest SOLAS regulation II-2/21 and II-2/22. Alvex-PF chemistry is designed to enhanced biosolubility as well as provide superior fire resistance. Alvex-PF provides high tensile strength, flexibility and superior thermal and acoustical properties. Alvex-PF is chemically stable and its thermal properties are unaffected after exposure to water immersion or high humidity. Alvex-PF is lightweight and easy to install.


Alvex-PF meets A-60 fire testas per IMO FTP Code Fire Test Requirements; Res.A.745(18), which enables the key fire protection system to maintain operations for one hour minium so that the vessel can reach port in the event of a fire.

Alvex-PF is approved for uses on other vessels such as:

  • Oil rigs
  • Naval ships
  • Cargo ships
  • Passenger ferries


In addition, Alvex-PF can also be used on other crucial piping systems like:

  • Water mist pipes
  • Propulsion systems steel pipes
  • Navigational systems metal pipes and cables
  • Internal and external communications pipes and cables
  • Fixed firefighting system pipes
  • Bilge and ballast pipes
  • Water tight doors activation cables and conduits
Installation Procedure
  1. Lay material on Pipe with Tape.
  2. Wrap material around Pipe.
  3. Remove inner layer of exposed Tape and press Tape to secure.
  4. Wrap Ties around Tape and pull end tight and secure.

Technical Data Sheet  |  Download PDF
Application Instructions Sheet  |  Download PDF