Standard Product Dimensions and Packaging

Petro Tape
IMPA Code 81 24 71 81 24 72
Width 50mm
Length 10 meters
10 meters
Rolls / Carton 36 18
Weight / box (lbs) 55lbs 55lbs
Weight / box (kg) 25kg 25kg

IMPA Code 81 24 73 81 24 74
Width 150mm
Length 10 meters
10 meters
Rolls / Carton 12 6
Weight / box (lbs) 55lbs 55lbs
Weight / box (kg) 25kg 25kg

Petro Primer
IMPA Code Weight / box (kg)
81 24 81 4 x 4kg / box

Petro Mastic
IMPA Code Weight / box (kg)
81 24 83 36 x 0.5kg / box
Product Description

Petrolatum Anti-Corrosion System by BTI Bren Technologies is a line of high quality petrolatum based products specifically formulated for the harshest marine conditions. It is a Non Woven Stitch bonded synthetic fabric, fully impregnated and coated with neutral petrolatum based compounds and inert fillers.

Stopping rust on steel pipes and fittings on marine vessel decks has always been a challenge for ship operators worldwide. Hydraulic pipes, regular steel pipes, and conduit casings on deck are the most crucial part of operating and loading a vessel. Applying petrolatum based Anti Corrosion Tape stops dangerous corrosion and provides many years of maintenance-free operation of hydraulics, pipes and equipment. Petro Tape can be applied on new or corroded surfaces and requires minimal surface preparation. Related products include Petro Filler for smoothing cracks and joints, Petro Primer for preparation of metal surfaces to increase adhesion under extreme conditions, and Petro Overwrap Tape to protect the Petro Tape from mechanical damage.

  • Hydraulic pipes, valves and fittings.
  • Steel deck pipes, flanges and fittings.
  • Electrical conduit pipes and boxes on deck.
Application Instructions
  1. Remove all loose scale, rust or other foreign agents.
  2. Apply Petro Primer making sure you displace oxygen and moisture from surface.
  3. Apply Petro Mastic on uneven surfaces making sure you don’t create air pockets.
  4. Spirally wrap Petro Tape with a minimum of 55% overlap to assure full protection.
  5. While wrapping, press air pockets out and smooth all lap seams.
  6. Apply Petro Overwrap for areas that may require mechanical protection.

Only Petro Tape prevent rust.

Petro Tape is wrapped on Fittings. 50% overlap is recommended.

Application of Petro filler voids. Preparation is very important.


Technical Data Sheet  |  Download PDF
Petro Primer Paste Product Data Sheet  |  Download PDF
Petro Mastic Product Data Sheet  |  Download PDF
Petro Tape Product Data Sheet  |  Download PDF