Standard Product Dimensions and Packaging

Width Length Rolls/Box
100 mm 4″) 5 m (16.5′) 3
150 mm (6″) 5 m (16.5′) 2
300 mm (12″) 5 m (16.5′) 1

  • 4″ Roll for typical flanges
    on a 25mm (0.5″) to 50mm (1″) pipe diameter diesel engine

  • 6″ Roll for typical flanges
    on a 50mm (1″) to 100mm (2″) pipe diameter

  • 12″ Roll for typical flanges
    on a 50mm (1″) to 100mm (2″) pipe diameter


DeSplash® Shields are available in rolls of three (3) widths which can be cut to size for installation on flanges, valves, fittings, or any irregular shaped surface which can leak flammable liquids.

DeSplash® Shields are very easy to install by using a drawstring wire system. Removable, reusable and extremely durable. DeSplash® Shields provide a more professional clean look in vessel engine rooms.

Product Description

DeSplash® Shields by McAllister Mills, are a re-usable and permanent solution for fuel line valves, flanges and fittings designed to divert dangerous spray of flammable liquids in vessel engine rooms. DeSplash® Shields are fabricated from silicone rubber material in layers and pressed on a silica fibre fabric with an aluminum foil lining.

The design, provides a tough and more permanent solution, withstanding high temperatures and pressures that exceed the regulation requirements.

  • Meets SOLAS Regulation II – 2/15.2.11
Installation Procedure
  1. Calculate the outside diameter of the flange and cut the DeSplash® Shield to a length of 130%.
  2. Make a small perforation of about 1″ (25mm) from each end of the shield on the pocket.
  3. Proceed to place the shield in the center of the flange and wrap it tightly. Make sure to overlap either pipe end of the flange with at least 2″ (50mm).
  4. Insert the lacing wire through each of the two cut holes and pull the lacing wire through the pockets.
  5. Tie together and fold under the cut edge of Shield for a neat finish.
  6. After the shield is tied securely, use pliers to cut off excess wire.

Technical Data Sheet  |  Download PDF