McAllister Mills is the leading manufacturer of safe, heat resistant materials for industry. Utilizing the most advanced fibers from alumina, silica, basalt, glass, aramids and biosoluble fibers, McAllister Mills manufacture textile products for almost any application. Their thermal solutions cover a full service temperature range from 0°F to 2500°F.

TREO™ Marine Wraps
De-Splash Shields

Soprema DrySeal is a self adhesive “winter grade“ hatch sealing tape manufactured in Canada from SBS Modified Bitumen, water resistant, elastomeric, and durable and at the cutting edge of technology today. It is the premium solution for waterproofing ship’s hatch covers and ensuring that valuable cargoes arrive damage free at unloading.


300mm (12″) ‘Wide Gap’ DrySeal Available Now!

DeWal® Anti-Splash Tape is a marine certified laminated fibreglass and aluminium wrap designed to stop fuel oil spray, which can come in contact with hot surfaces in vessel engine rooms causing fires. DeWal® Anti-Splash Tape is available in various sizes to suit all pipe and surface areas, and is manufactured specifically for ease of installation while providing superior strength and adhesion.
BTI Bren Technologies is the manufacturer of petrolatum Anti-Corrosion System, a line of high quality petrolatum based products specifically formulated for the harshest marine conditions. Petro tape is a Non Woven Stitch bonded synthetic fabric, fully impregnated and coated with neutral petrolatum based compounds and inert fillers.
Pow-R Wrap is a specially formulated water-activated fiberglass tape designed as a quick, strong, permanent and economical repair for virtually every kind of pipe and almost any kind of material. Each kit comes complete with a roll of Pow-R Wrap cloth, a two part epoxy for filling and sealing, a pair of latex gloves and complete instructions for use. Approved and used by the US Navy and Coast Guard.
Tidal Wrap provides corrosion protection for marine pilings

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