Expertise You Can Count On.

Expertise You Can Count On.

Your Marine Industry Experts Over 30 Years Global Experience

Key Marine Direct Sales holds a singular focus to provide solutions that meet the demands of the marine industry. Key Marine continues its seamless commitment to provide technically advanced products of quality, reliability, and affordability to meet customer needs.                                                       

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Quality Marine Products A Cut Above the Rest

Key Marine Direct Sales Links North American manufacturers of marine premium quality products directly with buyers worldwide in the marine industry. We eliminate obsolete and expensive layers of distribution, saving our customers valuable time and money. We have an extensive expertise in marine technical sales, logistics and a proven level of service that translates into great savings for both our existing and new customers.

Committed to Improving

We work tirelessly to find new and better ways to serve you. Contact us today for any questions, comments, or concerns about what we offer and how we can help you. We appreciate your feedback, and we’ll continue to do our very best to be of service.